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  • Evan Nave

Third-Trident Concept

You start alone in the center of a seemingly-infinite world. Before you is a tall obelisk with instructions that tells you to follow one of the three paths. You are told that these paths go on for real-world miles and you are not told what is at the end.

The world around you is generated based on a unique seed with sights and sounds only you yourself will get to experience. Do you follow the instruction of the pillar and stay on the path or venture into the infinitely interesting world?


Above is a video of a stylized implementation of a game concept I dreamt of. It's inspired by 0N 0W and other very interesting esoteric games. I'd imagine a full game featuring this core concept would be more of an experience than a pure game with a tangible gameplay loop.

0N 0W Had many interesting environments that are fun to wonder in and explore, but it heavily lacked story or tangible reasoning for the environments existing at all. This concept would be a way to implement a more diverse experience, allowing the player to explore but also unravel a central mystery/plot.


The simple square chunk generation I implemented procedurally generates a flat terrain around the player.

Each chunk consists of: a size, padding, and a point of interest where there's a chance for a prefab/structure to spawn.

I found square chunks to be quite boring, so I explored other unique ways to implement chunks!


Voronoi-Type Chunks

Please note!: The above points are limited to each grid cell. This is not true Dalaunay Triangulation. This implementation is susceptible to errors in the literal edge case where the quads are not fully convex.

So another shape for chunks could be Voronoi Cells! One just needs to create a triangulation of 9 points on a 2D grid or similar arrangement (such as on a hexagonal grid). The above js implementation was meant to explore directly how one can generate different Voronoi shapes using either the circumcenter or the centroid of a triangulation of grid-cell locations.

I haven't been able to implement this in Unity quite yet due to my ongoing other projects but I'd love to explore more about this idea later!


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