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  • Evan Nave

Educational Bash Game

For our Unix course we were given the option to create an educational game fully in bash scripts to teach Unix principles. I had a blast leading my team and creating complex animations for our submission!


Our game, titled NULL, was a type of digital board game in which the player must answer question cards correctly by typing in their answer and moving their character forward on the map.

We designed the application to be as user-friendly as possible and expressive as we could. We developed a system of animating sections of our screen with full bash colors and transitions.



Our initial implementation of the animation system is presented to the right. We were able to create and animate several frames from a dedicated resource file that can be called from the main application.

We furthered this by using Blender to render monochromatic outlines of 3D objects and passing it through an image-> ASCII algorithm.

In the animation to the right, after the 3D effects, is also our long map that the player must navigate to win. Along this map are nodes placed where the player will travel to answer a question. The higher difficulty the player chooses allows them to move farther on the map.


Our tutorial section was also designed to be pleasant to look at and contain all the relevant information about the game. We also offered the player the option of changing the character that represents their eyes, because, why not?


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