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  • Evan Nave

Bones Mire Concept + Look Dev

Your family insists on you coming along on a wilderness-filled vacation for a few weeks one summer. The cabin your family has rented for the stay is located in a damp quagmire, you protest but what's done is done and you stay with them for the time.

The air is thick and the mangroves coat the cabin in shadow. Inside are many old pieces of 80s tech and bits and bobs from that era. Among them is a camcorder with a mounted flashlight. This is your tool to get evidence on how bad this trip really is.

As you explore this awful bog day turns to night and things become strange. Figures appear and disappear to challenge your sanity. Your parents are nowhere to be seen, and ancient bones crop out of the murky water.

The only light source you have is your camera, and the battery is draining fast. Record the oddities you find without being left in the dark permanently.


This concept of mine once again came from a dream! I was placed in the above circumstance and it was really quite intriguing and fun to experience. I was able to put together this little project to convey what I saw in my head. The narrative and gameplay loop is still very intriguing to me and would love to explore it more!

2D Art by my good friend Nick Picciano!


The look and feel of this game I wanted to match my dream pretty accurately. In my dream it was specifically a lower resolution with a limited number of colors. This helped aid the 80's aesthetic as well as add a bit of stylization to the black/white themes of the night.

Beyond this there were many elements during the day time that had a low-poly retro aesthetic and warm earth tones. Much like the basement room of Stranger Things or parts of recent game Inscryption.


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