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  • Evan Nave

1BitPics Twitter Account

So I started because I found myself totally infatuated with projects like The Return of the Obra Dinn and Panic's new console the Playdate where not only are 1-Bit (2 Color) graphics a stylistic choice, it can also be a method of obscuring information. These types of graphics also reminded me of how we construct textures for ENA Dream BBQ, Though I'll go into more detail about that process out once it's out!

I decided to make these images inherently limited by having 2 colors and be at a set resolution of 256x256 pixels. Once The base resolution version is made I upscale it to 1024x1024 to display on other platforms.

As I take more photos or come across more interesting screenshots I will continue to upload to this account, just because I think its fun :)


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