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About Me


I am a 3D Generalist with a background in programming and game development. My projects can range from models/sculptures to complete games.

I have a strong passion for art and expression of all types and genuinely get driven to complete my goals. My knowledge of programming, music, art and science provide me a huge tool-set to really tackle any project; be it mechanical, artistic, or business related.

Path to 3D

My history with 3D design started with CAD in late grade school. This though, lead to me being proficient in Autodesk Inventor and Sculptris. Both together could produce interesting results though I was still limited. 

I found blender early on but didn't recognize it's potential until version 2.79, where I joined on use. I had full freedom to sculpt, texture, model and render all in one program. Extending into Blender versions 2.8 through 4.1+ I've found it my strongest tool yet.

Beyond the creation of 3D assets, I also had a great drive to bring them to life and add interactability. I began making games and applications in 2015 with Game Maker Studio and Unity. This expanded in other game engines such as UE4 and I now have a great toolset for any array of creative projects!

List of Skills and Expertise


3D Design - Modelling, Sketching, Sculpture, Rigging, Animation

Texturing - Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop, PBR/NPBR Materials

2D Design - Concepting, Sketching, Illustration, Graphic Design

Game Engines - Unity 2018-2020, Unreal Engine 4, Game Maker Studio

Programming - UNIX Languages, C, C#, C++, Java, Javascript, Lua, SQL, HTML/CSS

Graphical Programming - HLSL/GLSL, CG, WebGL, Node-Based Shaders

Project Management - Technical Direction, Team Management, Product Production

Other Skills

Photography/Videography - Canon DSLRs, Adobe Suite

Audio Design - Audio Editing, Foley, SFX, Synthesized Music

3D Printing (FDM) - Ender 3, Geetech A20M, Meshmixer

Microcontroller Programming - Arduino Electronics, RPI Scripting



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Thanks for reaching out!

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